Nellie Rogerson is an Industrial Design Honours student, with an Interior Architecture minor. Prior to studying at Swinburne, Nellie studied Fine Art at Monash University, and completed her BFA Honours in Sculpture and Spatial Practice at the VCA in 2012. She has been the recipient of artists grants, exhibited extensively at artist-run spaces in Melbourne and interstate, and undertaken two artist residencies in Japan.

Nellie came to Industrial Design with a passion for objects and design history, and her creative background permeates her design thinking and sensibility. She has been fortunate enough to have completed two placements while studying - at a_space then later at Sakimoto, where she continues to work.

Nellie’s Capstone Honours project looks at Placemaking, and how Industrial Design can offer suitable user-centred solutions. Her final outcome, ‘Space and Place’ resulted in a collection of outdoor furniture and interactive objects for public community spaces. With urbanisation and population growth, Nellie found an evident need for quality spaces for people to retreat and spend meaningful time. Adopting the principle of ‘placemaking,’ her project set out to enhance public areas with interactive objects and furniture. The collection is customisable and can be configured to suit specific sites and needs. The aim of the collection is to cater to communities with items that enhance spaces and interaction and improve public spaces so individuals can have meaningful experiences.