I’m an industrial designer from Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburbs with a penchant for sketching and lifelong love of model making. Since starting my degree in 2016 I’ve jumped headlong into CAD, digital sketching and animation, picking up a diverse skill set and experimenting with new styles along the way. As a result, no single project can hold my attention for very long, and I’m at peak performance when I have the freedom to jump between a variety of tasks. I tend to work best with broad horizons and constant communication, where I can bounce ideas around and see where others want to take the project.

For the last 3 years I’ve worked with the EDC design studio Tactica Gear, seeing it grow from a single product and fledgling markets to an international organisation with a line-up of half a dozen tools. In my spare time I’ll usually be working away at my own art projects and board game concepts, with the hope of one day publishing something successful.