I am a mature age student with a strong interest in design and design history. Having a passion for design I returned to university to complete my Industrial Design degree following the success of several medical and surgical devices I designed and developed.

I enjoy the process of identifying a design problem and the challenges of developing an effective solution. I particularly enjoy researching design questions, learning from how other designers have found answers to parallel problems and then delving into formulating creative and user centred design solutions.

While at university I developed many skills including a long-standing wish to learn to prototype using 3D printing. I have accomplished the skills for CAD modelling and confidently print prototypes by fine filament fabrication with my own 3D printer as well as utilize more advanced machines that I have been exposed to during my Industrial Design studies.

Having lived and worked in various countries, I have observed how different cultures find varying solutions to common design and day to day issues. These experiences have provided me a greater appreciation of diversity of thinking and problem solving, which add greater scope to my design thinking.

Outside of work and study I like to keep fit. I am a keen swimmer and enjoy longer distance open water swims. I am fond of breadmaking and cooking, and both, like design, are wonderful expressions of creation, sharing and joy.