Marc Weir has a burning passion for design and always looks forward to learning more.

Marc has only been learning design since becoming a part of Swinburne since 2017 to study Industrial Design. Growing up in Newborough, Gippsland, Marc had been studying art for several years before moving to Melbourne to study ,where, he has grown passionate towards design. In 2019, Marc took apart in Swinburne’s Exchange Program to study in Germany, at the young HAWK Hildesheim, where he had a rich experience learning more about design and meeting many new people. Though his career is still young, Marc works diligently to further his career, often reading and improving his skills.

Outside of university, Marc often enjoys diligently working at a popular café in St.Kilda (often while cracking terrible jokes with co-workers and patrons), reading about design, learning languages, and painting.

Marc endeavors to take any opportunity that comes his way and hopes to further his career in design.