From a young age Lani has been passionate about design and decoration. Throughout her schooling, Lani has enjoyed and thrived in artistic classes and has since earned multiple qualifications and distinctions in the field. She quickly grasps concepts and latches onto new design software with ease. Her love of the industry ensures she takes meticulous care in all her designs

Lani understands the importance of small details and how they can make a real difference, along with the impact of colours within a space. She typically prefers to design residential interiors and whilst she doesn’t align herself with any one particular style (as can be seen in her portfolio), she flourishes when creating bohemian, glam, modern and contemporary designs.

Hard working and full of energy, Lani will devote all her energy to producing artistic yet practical plans. Dedicated to meeting her clients’ briefs, Lani quickly adapts her designs to satisfy the clients’ preferences. She enjoys working on all projects given to her and embracing any challenge thrown her way.

Lani is looking forward to a successful lifelong career in interior design.