Hi, my name is Thinh, currently a last year studio from Swinburne university. The studio website that I link is my personal website which mainly undertakes projects in the retail, residential, hotel, and commercial sec-tors, whether large and small. First when looking through the website and all of the studio projects. I believe this studio is going mostly for the minimalism style by using gray as their main concept not only for the website but their project also. The whole color scheme of the website really matches every detail that every page wants to tell. Personally, I always aim myself to do the design for all project in minimalism style from the start of the first year. The projects may not as good and well organised as the studio but each semester, the self’s minimalism vibe is getting better and some projects can be considered to be suited with the style of designers around the world are aiming lately about interior's consideration. Furthermore, imagine working professionally in one of the design roles in those big and well- known studio, with the familiar style of working and the professionalism when doing work from start to finish, the knowledge about the style. I strongly believe I can deliver whats the studio expects.