My name is Meici Wang (Macy), a third-year Bachelor of Design Architecture student at Swinburne University. Before coming to Swinburne University, I had a year studying with the Art Foundation and another year for the Advanced Diploma of Building Design at RMIT University.
My interest in architecture began to show when I was in year 11. My Visual Communication Design subject has an architectural design and modelling project, to design a Café with shipping containers, and then handmade the model by using wood sheets. Think this is the only project where I have put in some effort in this subject... :)
I always knew that I was attracted to structures and hand makings, and that’s the reason why I chose my other elective as Product Design and Technology in the same year. We made design sketches of some wooden furniture, ornaments, and art pieces then brought timbers to the workshop, to make out the structures, skins, and details.

I guess these Year 11 elective subjects and projects planted the seed for me to study architectural design. So when I learned that architecture design was in line with my interests, I resolutely decided to skip the last year of high school and directly enter the university Art Foundation studies.