My name is Jiaxin Yuan, you can also call me Sally. I am an international student. The inspiration for my architectural journey comes from nature and the sea. Scuba diving is one of my favorite hobbies. When I dived 20 meters underwater, everything around me became quiet and harmonious. I can only hear my own breathing. Therefore, many of my designs used organic curved shapes and bubble shapes. Let the building look rhythmic. I like to bring nature into the building, such as using wood as main material in project, a large area of greening plan, I hope people can feel relaxed in the building. I like to explore and use environmentally friendly materials. Through the previous study of Studio 3, I got to know bioplastic. I think this is a very interesting and environmentally friendly material, and I hope that bioplastic can be truly used in a building in my future study and work.

I believe that every building is a piece of artwork. Behind every building has its history, story and origin. Every building I stare at has unique freedom and individuality, which is also the motivation for me to study architecture. Finally, I hope to find Sally's own architectural style in my future architectural career.

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