My name is Harshil Navadiya, I am a third-year architecture student. My passion towards Architecture and Design begin to develop when I first started my journey of pursuing Diploma in Architecture back in 2016 from India. After pursuing my diploma in Architecture, I was really fascinated by the exploration that this field offers, It’s something way beyond expectations. So, to dive deep further into it with newer approach, I decided to further study bachelor’s from Swinburne University of Technology in Australia to explore diverse varieties of design approach and style, as being an international student.

Throughout my journey at Swinburne, I cam across how small decision impacts the flow and its future. In addition to that, how various elements comes together collaboratively to encourage each other and results as a successful framework. Furthermore, during my past semester I got to learn the impacts that material has on our environment and to provide a solution we explored and made Bioplastic as our environmental-friendly element to our design. My overall approach to architectural designs focuses on amalgamation of materials and practicality, along with collaboration of nature to provide a better user experience.