Hi, my name is Louis Ryan. I am in my penultimate year of a Bachelor of Architecture at Swinburne University.

Throughout my studies, I have actively sought out opportunities to continuously improve my technical production skills and cultivate my creative problem solving. Alongside architecture, I am particularly inspired by exploring interior and industrial design, and brand and identity design. I believe good architecture should draw on historical, social, and economic factors relative to a project. I have been particularly inspired learning about these across our historical context’s units at Swinburne.

I have enjoyed taking on new opportunities to further my knowledge and experience, in 2019 participating in a traveling study tour in Chennai, India, to further develop my understanding in social housing infrastructure at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Through a variety of group projects, and numerous field trips we examined the production of compressed stabilised earth blocks at the Auroville Earth Institute.

Currently, I am completing a professional internship program where I have been participating the production of a concept pop-up store with a design focused on the use of mycelium elements. This opportunity has allowed me to gain understanding about the production of mycelium and how it can be applied in the built environment.