Valentina Alvarado Torres


My name is Valentina Alvarado Torres, I am a third-year architecture student studying at Swinburne University of Technology. Architecture has always been a passion of mine, as well as other design disciplines including art, fashion and photography.

When choosing a career path I gravitated to a design focus course as the idea of creating and gradually seeing my creations come to life excited me, I chose this path as architecture allows me to do so at a large scale. Before studying architecture, my interest stemmed from traveling to different parts of the world and seeing distinct styles. Although, only whilst studying architecture I realised the love I have for it, this degree allows me to explore and challenge my creative thinking, thus influencing the way I view spaces around me, it has also improved my attention to detail and persistence.

My educational journey so far has influenced my fascination of how a space can impact a person’s feelings, and especially how nature plays a big role in human wellbeing. My designs within this course have explored this, and my future projects will as well be centred on this idea.

In the near future I hope to gain industry experience, as well as enter my master degree and travel for architecture.