The Bachelor of Design (Architecture) at Swinburne has been the next step in my creative journey.

With 13 years experience in carpentry and building, and 4 generations of family history in the industry I have developed a passion for design and a keen attention to detail. Hands on skills honed by bespoke residential and small commercial building has set me up well with an understanding of how buildings go together. Experience with furniture design, restoration and creation, as well as custom kitchen knife-making has built a base of skill over the years and shines through when model making or prototyping for various design projects.

My hands on background, and day to day experience with on the fly problem solving has prepared me well for the rewarding challenge that is an architecture degree.

I have enjoyed developing new digital and architectural visualisation skills alongside exploring the rich history and cultural diversity of the architectural world.

Key interests that I have discovered throughout my time at Swinburne include the ability to tailor a project to particular users as well as unique sites. Environmental analysis and consideration for the natural world around us are becoming some of my key drivers in design.

Please enjoy a selection of my works to date, up to the completion of my 2nd year.