Born and raised in and around Yamba, a small coastal town on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, I moved to Melbourne in 2015 with the aim of becoming an architect.

Ever since enrolling in Technical Drawing and Engineering as senior units in high school, I knew a had a passion for the built environment, confirming this to myself in my architecturally-focused HSC major project which placed me on the 2015 HSC Honour role.

Growing up in a rural town both on the coast and major river has given me an appreciation for the ocean, waterfronts and natural elements, as well as a hands on approach to things, and I have channeled these, as welt as my experiences of more recent city living, into my projects over my years at Swinburne, whether it be a small scale refurb, large scale urban design, building study, train station, parametric facade design or even a sustainable material made from coffee waste.