Hi, my name is Jack, and I began my studies at Swinburne University in 2018 after I took a gap year in 2017. During my first year at Swinburne, I was always interested in residential, multi residential and smaller scaled projects. After completion of my first year, we were exposed to numerous commercial and hybrid projects at varying scales. This has broadened my knowledge and scope of architecture as I’ve been able to develop new skillsets to help me design. Through digital and physical modeling, I have been able to create spaces that are tailored and curated to surrounding context and clients’ needs.

I am currently working full time at Carelli Constructions in Melbourne where I am learning underneath their design leader. This opportunity has given me an insight into the construction side of architecture and how all the services operate. Next year I intend to study my master’s degree part time whilst working to gain more experience in the field.