Hi, I'm Michael, a diligent Design Honours student with a keen eye for detail. I particularly enjoy branding and any design that effectively uses simplicity and underlying structure to create impactful and innovative outcomes. During my studies I have also developed a great interest in exploring ways that user centred design can make design more accessible for people with disabilities. I think this is a particular area in which design has the potential to greatly expand.

Having previously graduated from Swinburne's three year Bachelor of Design course in 2019, and gained a valuable taste of an industry workplace during a 6 week design internship in Hong Kong, I decided it would be highly beneficial to add honours to my qualifications. This decision has enable me to gain highly rewarding group and real client based design experience.

I spent both semesters of 2020 working on a range of student-led client-based projects in Swinburne's Bureau Accelorator Program. Through this experience I gained great personal growth and confidence in communicating with clients and working in collaborative teams.

Having gained a wide range of design skills including illustration, branding, publication design, UI/UX design, as well as some exploration into animation and 3D design, I am now eager to further develop and positively utlise my design knowledge in industry.