Hi I'm Dan, I'm a diligent designer by day and a dance-floor assassin by night!

I've been studying a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) (Honours) with a minor in advertising at Swinburne. I'm currently based in Fitzroy, Victoria, living my best life with my cat Kaya. My style is bright, expressive and highly conceptualised. I fell in love with design in high school, editing photos and drawings on my iPad. Since then it's been a snowball of skill-building and self-discovery. I especially love illustration, typography and I've been starting to get my hands dirty with animation.

As an ambitious go-getter and an aspiring morning person, the creative cogs of my mind are always turning. Design is an outlet to me and I’m always looking to push my aesthetic style and diversify my work. Falling in love with my projects is key to producing my best work. A result-oriented team player who enjoys both the journey and the outcomes. Collaborative and responsive, I want to work together to create the best possible design solution. I love what I do and I hope my works speak for themselves.

My inspirations are the bold illustrative compositions of Malika Favre, the creative mixed media skills of Sasha Velour and the visual elegance of Derek Zoolander. I’m completely open-minded and accepting of peoples differences and indifference. I think as a graphic designer, it's my responsibility to use my talents to shape the world for the better.