Andrew Beissmann


My name is Andrew Beissmann and I’m an Industrial Designer focusing on converting energy and emotions into the products and systems. Moreover, simplicity is another goal of mine as I hope to take the complexity around us and arrive at a more manageable solution. Finally, I advocate for compassionate capitalism where we can incentivise and achieve great technological advancements within a social-ecological worldview.

The design process is messy and is very critical thinking heavy, the planning and research stage of any project is always the most time-consuming. By utilising my subconscious mind in tandem with researching techniques I am able to create a design brief or reframe the design challenge to outline the underlying problem/opportunity in focus. Writing and sketching take place during and after as to record and document ideas as they come into existence. Furthermore, prototyping follows and builds upon where pen and paper cannot, to explore and develop an idea three-dimensionally. CAD follows this in parallel as it too has its own strengths and weaknesses. By combining these the design can take form in a time-efficient manner.