Jake is an aspiring Industrial Designer who has a strong connection with conceptual and artistic beauty. He leans towards simplistic and modern product designs, which portray his artistic flow. Jake found his design passion through furniture design. Since then, he has completed a Diploma in Product Design, and almost finished his Bachelor of Industrial Design. The experiences from these journeys have broadened his interest to a wider variety of products. He enjoys bringing ideas to life, that being through processes such as design thinking, 3D modelling and prototyping. He is interested in all aspects of design that have a functional purpose, this is highlighted by his final year project, the Micro Stillage.

Growing up on the Mornington Peninsula, Jake has always been surrounded by beautiful and contemporary landscapes. This has been influential in his natural ability to create visually attractive products that are simple and beautiful. He finds importance in utilising his visual communication skills to partner with his design skills, as it creates a package that people can invest their emotions into. During his studies, Jake was involved in many projects that were significant to his design journey. He strengthened his passion for hands-on manufacturing and was introduced to the technical side of his design. Multiple group projects have taught Jake to work productively within a time frame with others, while still having a firm understanding of his own voice and strengths.

When he is not innovating, Jake enjoys staying active by playing team sports and staying social with friends and family.