Dimas Putra


Hi, my name is Dimas Putra. I’m from Indonesia and design is my passion. I have been studying design for the past 4 years at Swinburne University with a major in Industrial Design. My expertise is utilizing modern art, simplicity, and pragmatism as my design approach.

My design process is systematic and efficient. Starting with research, which I considered the most crucial part of the design process. Through research, we can find heaps of ideas, user needs, and distinguish ourselves from others. Sketching ideas through paper and digitally. Prototyping and CAD modeling for development, modification, and optimization of the design process. Finish with beautiful and realistic renderings.

I have designed various products throughout the years, as versatility is essential for designers. Ranging from furniture, jewelry, cooking products, salon equipment, accessories, and many more. Each product designed has its purpose and story. As design without a story is meaningless.

I'm always keen on learning something new, whether it's design-related or not. Lately, I've been learning from numerous design branches such as interior design, UX design, communication design, and animation. I believe that learning is a constant process of discovery, a process without an end. I will continue learning and use it for my career and life.