Anthony is a keen Industrial Designer with a passion for furniture and lighting design and its accompanied history in mid-century modernism. Through his honours project, Anthony decided to push his boundaries within the field of ID to undertake a large public infrastructure project through the form of an eco-conscious boardwalk system. Aimed at addressing the growing problem of over-tourism along the Great Ocean Road, Anthony's project provides a solution to slowing the pace of tourism in the region, whilst protecting vegetation and fostering a regenerative approach to tourism in natural regions.

As industrial design serves as the bridge between an idea and a viable product, Anthony understands the power of design and its ever increasing responsibility to sustainability. Presented in different ways most appropriate to the project, Anthony strives to find ways to steer his designs to more sustainable solutions. With a passion to deliver beautiful products which are rich in thought, last a lifetime when they should, and minimise life-cycle long waste when they shouldn’t, Anthony can’t wait to bring his skills learned in university into the world of design.