My name is Matthew, I’m an industrial designer with a passion for the technical and practical side of design and have a love for the tactile model making/handmade side of the industry. I have always had a passion for making things since a young age and this passion is what led me into my chosen area of study and work and so my main motivation is to turn this loving of creating, making and inventing things into something I can make a living from.
There are a variety of design related skills I have acquired over the years through my own personal hobbies, uni degree and design work. My strengths lie in the technical aspect of design, as my experience with making allows me to understand more deeply the technical aspects of design, as well as having a general intuition about certain practical design constraints and requirements. Through my university education and work as an industrial designer I have become a proficient CAD operator, which is an exciting prospect as it allows me to bring my ideas from the conceptual world to the real world, precisely and efficiently.