Hey, I'm Josh Summerfield, an Industrial Designer. My skill set and passion are found in the collaborative team environment, product aesthetic refinement and user-centred design approaches. With the increasingly complex digital and spatial environment we find ourselves amongst, a carefully considered revolution of design is needed. Emerging technologies and innovation provide exciting and meaningful opportunities to reimagine products and the way they enrich our lives and the environment. I fundamentally believe that world-changing design must evoke an emotional response in the user while being optimised around circular product lifecycles.
My Capstone project is centred around the user experience. It aims to challenge preconceived expectations of privacy in the restaurant environment by drawing upon principles of theatre performance and a sense of play. Blur Privacy Table brings a captivating experience to the restaurant's ambience with an air of sophistication and mystery. Too often the layout of restaurants evokes discomfort due to the feeling of being seen and heard. Using precision-designed vapour technology, Blur Privacy Table creates a dynamic screen of privacy that obscures diner's interactions from neighbouring tables, while maintaining a connection to the environment surrounding them. Blur Privacy Table reimagines the possibilities of interior spaces to bring a soothing, private and memorable experience to patrons.
You can see more examples of my work and get in touch on my website.