Anthony is an Industrial Designer with a passion for design and motorsport. He is finding the best intentions towards style, branding, and architecture towards conveying a meaningful design.

The best design incorporates imagination and engineering concepts, corresponding with values and a practical approach towards the audience. His process of design is the development of synthetic imagination and critical thinking. He is applying visuals and planning to covey a stage where the project can be challenged. Learning new technical skills mixed with what has learned to build an idea from thought to existence. He has been involved with Music in high school, which has been another self-expression. Design can be art, but it depends on perspective. Photography is another passion for design, where creativity is seen through another lens of perspective.

He is grateful to be involved in Team Swinburne FSAE. In this club, learning the concepts of engineering and understanding through design provided the love of motorsport, conveying the two together is empowering to get involved.

Participating in FSAE Competitions against other universities and driving the electric race car gives a different aspect of the project that comes to life.