Lucy Norbury is an Industrial Design Honours student with a minor in Environmental Sustainability. Lucy came to study Industrial Design through a lifelong habit of taking objects apart to see how they work and a natural flair for creativity. She is passionate about environmental issues and long-lasting versatile design, which is reflected in her work. Lucy was lucky enough to participate in the Professional Industry Experience program in 2020, working for Sakimoto, where she still works today. Gaining technical design knowledge of lighting has been the inspiration for her Capstone Honours Project direction.

Lucy's Capstone project looked at strengthening the connection that children have to their imagination and play through a product. The outcome ‘Archi’ consisted of two arced lights joined together with a locking hinge that can rotate and lock into multiple positions up to 180 degrees. The locking mechanism was designed fully from scratch by Lucy herself and contains a fully functioning spring and gear operated locking mechanism. The aim was to create a product that provides children with a strong tool to stimulate and enhance their imagination. Based on user feedback from children in Lucy’s family, this has been successfully achieved.