Matias Cantavenera


I am Matias.

I like to think of myself as a designer who enjoys solving problems. Many of our world’s problems require critical and creative thinking, and can be resolved through simple or innovative designs. I like to centre myself in the problem so that I can understand the user and how they would feel using the product. After delving deeply into the problem and finding a solution, I like to focus on the creative and aesthetic aspects of the design. I like to design solutions that are useful, but that are also beautiful and classy. By focusing on real-life issues, my designs look to emulate the concept of “form follows function”. I love that as an industrial designer with a problem-solving mindset, I can find solutions in the form of products, processes, and concepts. This means that I can play a key role in many different industries, which is a powerful and exciting tool to have at my disposal.

Hope you enjoy my Capstone final year project.