Hi! I'm Soo Ming Ng, an industrial designer who is passionate about creating useful objects that strike the balance between form and function. Nothing is more satisfying to me than making and using products with clean, intuitive designs that provide elegant solutions to everyday challenges. I’m not afraid of delving into technical detail and am always keen to understand the underlying challenges at every part of the design and manufacturing process.
As an outdoor enthusiast, I was drawn to industrial design by my love for quality, clever gear which uses innovative methods and materials. I hope to be able to be part of this industry one day to create gear which performs well and is accessible and sustainable. My interests in woodworking and furniture design also inspire my work.
Through this degree, I have learnt new skills in generating, developing, and communicating new ideas through sketching and using physical forms, 3D modelling and rendering, making considered material choices and making designs manufacturable. I’m looking forward to growing these skills ‘in the field’ and pairing these with my previous experience in the corporate world.
When I’m not bound to a desk or workbench, you’ll often find me on my mountain bike, out rock climbing, or dabbling with my coffee machine and roaster in search of the perfect brew.
I enjoy learning from others, connecting with people and hearing about how I can help them, so get in touch with me and let’s see what we can create together.
[email protected]