Jordan McCracken


Howdy. My name is Jordan and I am an Industrial Designer with a Bachelors in Architecture. To understand my development as a designer I need to to you back a ways. My Dad was a brilliant photographer who captured stills important people and priceless work of art. But more than anything he loved the peace that came from landscape photography. Through this passion he developed an affinity for Australian timbers that he expressed through his woodwork. From as far back as I can remember he would encourage me to dream up things for us to fabricate. I fell in love with woodworking. for me there is nothing more amazing than seeing what was on the page come to life through your hands. I believe working with timber teaches a respect for materials, patience, and diligence.

For me there is so much joy in seeing the look in a fellow designers eyes when they are examining an object you created. There is a very specific look we all seem to get where our eyes are fixed and you can nearly hear the cogs turning. To me that is what design is, a kind of artful problem solving that makes you forget about everything else.