I am Bhishag a Master of Design graduate, based in Melbourne. I began my design journey with a Diploma of Graphic design in 2012, after which I completed my Bachelor of Design, majoring in Communication Design in 2015. Specialising in Communication Design, I mostly worked on Graphic Design inclusive of Motion Design. Over the last couple of years I have been working more in UI/UX, Product Design and Design Research to create user centric solutions. My design interests are within, Designing for Sustainability, Human Centred Design, and Design Anthropology. In my spare time, I like to improve my design software skills and to learn new design tools.

During my Masters, I had an opportunity to work for student life clubs, where I designed marketing material for events. Additionally, in my final year I worked as Marketing Lead in the Swinburne Student Reperestative Council and was the Postgraduate Student Representative for Faculty of Health, Arts & Design. These opportunities helped me enhance my skills in teamwork and coordination, time management, leadership, and to work on design projects with non-designers. In my final year, I also took part in the DFM global program CBI A3, where I had opportunity to work with a team of students and CERN Ideasquare, to develop a disaster management system for Bushfires in Australia.

Beyond design, I love sketching, a good night of stargazing, nature and Astro-photography. I am confident that I am graduating with diverse design and professional skills that will enable me to contribute more to the Design industry.