Weifen's design background is interior architecture design. She is interested in the design of the interior and exterior of architectures, and even the urban plan. In the study of Swinburne master course, her course focuses on placemaking, and its main research objects are Glenferrie Road and the campus of Swinburne University of Technology. The main direction of design is focus on the problem of climate change, and through reasonable design, urban plan can play an active role in a sustainable environment. Her a project about placemaking on campus was selected and published in the magazine Dezeen in June 2020. She used the elements of design, vertical garden and the sustainable materials, timber to design a tunnel in the campus. In the following year's, she used similar elements to transform the streets. As a designer, she hopes to make a good design for the bad world, an architecture and design can help solve the problems the world is facing and make a difference to climate change.