Anthony Cristiano


Hello! I’m Anthony. I’ve recently just completed a double degree at Swinburne in Business and design with a major in marketing and digital media design. I loved to do arts and crafts as a kid and always found myself doodling in all my classes throughout school which eventually led to me pursuing design at swinburne.

Through my studies I discovered a keen interest and love for illustration, branding, and of course, motion design. Along my degree and in my free time I’ve worked on projects that cover a variety of styles and purposes for different platforms including screens, curved displays and gaming systems. I love to create a strong sense of atmosphere through my work and instill specific feelings and emotions for people viewing.

In the last year or so I’ve tried to push myself out of my comfort zone leading to the creation of some of my favourite projects. These include a title sequence that uses a combination of photomedia, frame by frame, live action and digital animation. A space exploration installation designed for a curved billboard in Melbourne CBD that tricks viewers into seeing depth, and a game made in my spare time called The Snowgardens that went on to receive awards for Best Art Direction at the Impy’s, and theStudent Game Award at Freeplay2021!

Thanks for checking out my work, I hope you like it!