Grace is a motion design graduate specialising in multimedia practices. Her work has a story-telling based focus and enjoys creating work that is engaging, entertaining and meaningful. Throughout her time at Swinburne, she has worked on projects that span various platforms including screen, 3D, mobile and web devices, digital projections, print and immersive technologies. Grace has an interest in innovative technologies and their part in creating new landscapes for storytelling. She also enjoys experimenting with illustration, fine art mediums and translating them into the digital space to create unique outcomes.

One of her highlights was creating an innovation educational water management application with Melbourne Water for her motion design capstone project. Hydro City allowed her to problem solve, through design, by translating more complex information into an interactive structure that was easy to understand. Working in a team with interactive media, also allowed her to combine skills in all areas of her learning into one final project.

Grace hopes to work in the digital industry on projects that are innovative, challenging and where she is able to develop her skills continuously. She also wants to create an impact on the people that consume it - whether that be for improving areas or pure entertainment.