Gertie Hall is completing her Bachelor of Design (Photomedia) this year with a current focus on creating multimedia imagery, digital projection and accompanying branding for self directed exhibitions and installations. With an interest in human experience and personal/societal introspection, Gertie combines this with a passion for nature and environmental issues, exploring abstract perspectives of both natural and urban worlds.

Whilst studying in Melbourne and 6 months of study in Mainz, Germany, Gertie has developed a multi-faceted and well informed interest and skillset in both creating powerful and meaning imagery and developing meaningful branding direction and strategy alongside this.

Through extensive travel, Gertie has cultivated perspective and understanding beyond the familar, of diverse social and environmental settings. Additionally, through long-term, consistent, team and client/customer based working environments Gertie has practical knowledge of teamwork and leadership.

This final semester is coming to conclusion with wonderful exhibitions, particularly the Photomedia Capstone Exhibition "ARCHIPELAGO" which I am proudly working on the Art Direction alongside Charles Woolley, with an inspiring team of creatives we are creating an immersive virtual exhibition to showcase this years body of Photomedia work.