I am enthusiastic in my endeavors in the architectural and urban design fields with my previous qualifications supporting those aspirations within the field. Current and previous works are in the industries of business and architecture.

I recently graduated from Swinburne University of Technology, completing the Master of Architecture and Urban Design. The skills and knowledge gained during my education were applicable for my team and I, as we received a commendation award for the Future Homes Student Competition held by Victorian Government.

Prior education completed within my journey are the Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural), to understand how the fundamentals of structure and construction play a vital role in our designs. Bachelor of the Built Environment, a connection established between the design intervention or structure within its greater context and surroundings.

I am an energetic person that is always eager to do my very best in any situation that I am placed in. In both industries I have generated multitude of skills that allow me work as a team to complete an objective, to show leadership and help others within that team to reach the outcome. While being able to excel in communication to convey an idea, a design, or a goal in a presentation to a singular person or large audience, through public speaking supported by an online platform.

I am excited for any future opportunities to be able to assist and create new possibilities in the field of architecture and urban design.