My name is Joshua Christian, and I have completed a Master of Architecture course at the Swinburne University of Technology in November 2021. I am passionate about gaining experience and knowledge in architecture and its practices. Before applying for the Master's Degree in Swinburne, I have spent two non-academic years working as an Assistant Architect in the local Melbourne Practice. During the two years, I gained knowledge and experience that I never received in the academic world.

Growing up in an environment with no architecture background, I sparked my first dream to become an architect in high school, creating my first perspective drawing. Since then, I have been searching for the meaning of architecture and being an architect. I have been passionate about researching what makes architecture successful. Until now, I still yearn to question what makes architecture and architecture, how people can relate with buildings, and how architecture contributes to society. Personally, this is a lifetime of learning.

At the moment, I am keen to explore more the relationship of technological advancement in construction and architecture, particularly with digital fabrication and workshops. My ambition is to explore more of this construction process and how the technology is applied. I want to explore how it challenges the conventions of architectural construction.

Finishing the Master's Degree is a milestone in my pathway to being an architect. I am looking forward to the opportunities and exciting challenges that await me as an aspiring architect.