Hello, my name is Corina Wong, and I have always been passionate about arts and design. I hope that my designs will make a positive impact on people and their lives. Thus, I have pursued a career in architecture and urban design in the hopes that I can do so no matter how big or small that impact may be.

My graduating project (new 1A building) is about providing a different kind of space on campus for students that can also reconnect people to nature, as nowadays we often find ourselves on digital devices 24/7. Spending time in nature is one of my personal interests, and I also often find myself spending a lot of time on digital devices. This project was a way to explore how to use nature to create an environment where people can be immersed in both technology and nature.

As a creative person I also enjoy drawing and taking photos of my dog while exploring places. If you look closely you can spot him in one of my perspectives.