Creativity and the construction industry runs deep in my family, with my passion for design evident from a young age. It started with me going shopping for basketball shoes, then filling sketchbooks with designs for shoes, the quickly to me taking interest in the built environment as I spent much of my childhood flying around the city on a skateboard. Architecture was a natural development for me, as I see it as a way that I could make a difference in the world. I believe that through smart, well thought out design, the built environment could allow everybody from all backgrounds and situations to have comfortable spaces that allow them to fully dive into their interests in spaces that make them comfortable, and cities and streetscapes that encourage and enhance everybody's wellbeing and lifestyles. I've had many amazing peers and role models that have helped guide and nurture my taste in design to where it is now, as not just a way to create visually interesting structures, but that architecture has a power far greater than that in helping bring society forward in a sustainable, healthy and nurturing way for everybody. I believe that architecture and those who work within it have a responsibility, and that we all need to work towards a brighter future for everybody.