A creative and art lover are the best described as me, I used to extremely into drawing, sketching and designing interior spaces, which have driven me to be an Interior and Architectural Design student today.​
In my school life, I have developed my own style in designing though class’s projects, that is elegant and natural spaces, furthermore, I have developed my own professional skills and knowledges, such as doing 3D modellings, ergonomic standards and sustainable deigns.​
After graduating, I will look for an Interior Designer position in an Architectural and Interior company for getting real life experiences and changes, meanwhile, I would study more other skills like marketing and businessmen, as I want to create my own real- estate company.​
Apart from being able to speak 4 languages I have other personal skills through life experiences such as communication skills, to be independent, budget managing and problem solving. I have also gotten presentation, group working and public speaking skills through my university life.​
The reason that has me to be success to this day are my hard-working, quick- learning, responsible and conscious qualities, I am always to search ways to develop myself and adapt with social charging.