My name is William McGregor, I am 22 years old. I am a designer in the field of architecture. It has always been my goal to become an architect as I love how architecture can have effects on people and that it has real world uses and is a necessary for people to survive. I am graduating from architecture this semester; I have also previously graduated in the course in the Advanced Diploma of Building Design at Swinburne in 2020. I am excited to apply all my learning into industry practice. I am very passionate about designing and the process of taking a concept from its beginning stages and developing it into a project which has a lasting impact on its occupants. Some of my interesting in extending my learning is in sustainability design with new methods and technologies which are constantly evolving. I am intrigued by Building Information Modelling (BIM)and is something I would love to explore in industry and develop my skills into it further. With that I am also excited to apply all my learning and skills into industry practice and continue to learn and grow my understanding of architecture while gaining real world experience in the field.