My name is Erin Lewis and I will be graduating with a double major in my Bachelor of Design Degree — Communication Design and Branded Environments Design.

By graduating with a double major, I have refined the skills to successfully develop a brand from beginning ideation to large-scale 3D spaces. In my portfolio, I explore several briefs including Basils Farm - a winery needing a modern and bold re-branding, and Australia Open CoolDown - a pop up event looking to revitalise Melbourne’s food and wine sector after extended Covid-19 lock downs.

In my personal life, I find storytelling an integral part of my interpersonal relationships. As a designer, this passion has created a strong ability to create cohesive and meaningful narratives in my design outcomes; strengthening the relationship between brand and consumer.
Empathy and awareness are also driving forces in my work. The promotional campaign for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is an example of some of the community and emotionally driven work I would love to support with my skills in the future.

Outside of my degree I have had the pleasure of designing wedding invitations and signage, helped businesses develop branding and social media graphics as well as a current project with the CSIRO.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my work, learn a little about who I am as a designer and who I am driven to become after graduating from Swinburne.