Hi, I’m Adorel! I’ve always had a desire to create, whether it’s in the kitchen, playing the guitar, piano, drums, painting or designing. Passion and ambition drive me, and they are the reason I chose design as a career over anything else. Even after graduating with an ATAR above 98 and people expecting me to go down the science route, I knew exactly where I wanted to be: in the creative industry. Since then, I've created my art account on Instagram (@ArtByAdorel), where I share my love for painting and have collaborated with a range of companies to promote their products. I also had the privilege to have an industry placement at Museums Victoria for a year where I got to work on a range of diverse projects. The experience furthered my love for publication, digital design, illustration, motion graphics and branding. What excites me the most about the industry is putting the product of my passions out into the world and seeing it make a difference.