Hey there, my name is Charlee Pring and thank you for looking at my work!

I’m a Swinburne University student graduating from the Communication Design (Honours) Course this year (2022). I’m currently based in Melbourne, Victoria but I’m open to any opportunity that can push me to learn and grow as a designer, meet new people and have some fun along the way because why not?
A brief summary about me: I’ve played sports my whole life, both individually and teams, and this taught me a lot of lessons that I apply in both my life and design work. Hard work, commitment and dedication are essential to get you over the finish line. As a captain, I learnt how teamwork is integral to any race, tournament or game. Sticking to these values has shined bright throughout my varied design projects and carried me throughout the duration of my university studies.
Designing work that I am proud of and that will make an impact on anyone who sees it is a goal I tend to strive toward. I've used this as a motivation across multiple projects including illustration, publication design, branding, campaign design, digital design and photography.

All I want to hear is “wow”!