Hey! My name is Lauren and I’d love for you to know a bit about me.
I am a Junior Communication Designer and I have had the opportunity over the 4 years of studying in the Communication Design Honours course to widen my knowledge and shape my design skills.

I was always the ‘creative one’ in the family growing up, and have had a knack for creative arts and crafts ever since I was a toddler, which explains my love for design and the decision to choose it as my career path. I love visiting art exhibitions in my spare time, and collecting design books for inspiration. I come from an Italian background, and I have always been surrounded by strong family values (and not to mention delicious food!). It has shaped my character into who I
am today. My family has always been a main motivator for me, and they constantly inspire the ideas behind my design outcomes.

My favourite area of design would have to be brand identity design, as I love building a brands visual elements from scratch and extending its visual language into many different applications such as print, digital and animation. I also love publication design, and learning about printing processes, specifictations and typography.