Hey, I'm Lulu
I am a recent graduate of Communication Design (honours) at Swinburne University. I am a driven designer and an energic person. I pride myself on being hard-working and willing to learn. Through my work at Hardhat agency, I have gained experience in campaign work and team design processes. I love working in a team and learning everyone's design process. As I struggled through writing about myself, my friend called me a "cool girl designer with fun energy and super dynamic work", so take that how you will.
Now while I don't believe in star signs, there might be something in it. So, I am a Gemini, and apparently, they have an 'intrinsic duality' otherwise known as two-faced. So while I love my work and take it all too seriously, I am also a hot mess. I will yarn to anyone who will listen, and if I am not on the yarn, I'll be listening to murder mysteries or my dad's music. You could find me lost on my own street while having an in-depth conversation with my housemates, solving any issue. I am the type of person who colour codes their wardrobe but hates putting my clothes away as they have to be in order. I love the footy and finally seeing the dees winning! Or Collingwood, my second team. And If I am not doing any of the above, you can find me cuddled up with my dogs.
I am excited to see what my future in design holds! I am eager to continue to explore 3D design, branding and UX system design.