Hi, I’m Shan.
I'm an artist, writer, traveller, designer and storyteller.

I’m a maker. Any form of expression excites me – whether it be art, dance, poetry, or music – creativity guides my living.

The creative tug has led me from one adventure to another. I’ve enjoyed its meanderings – immersing me in the design tribe of Cincinnati, freelancing during the pandemic and exploring the realm of sustainability and social design.

My practice is constantly forming and reshaping. I am experimental and love being guided by the creative process. Most of my inspiration materialises from nature, people, conversations, diverse mediums and rugged textures. I crave to make with my hands. Tactility helps to expand my knowledge of craft, ensuring it has a soul.

Most of all, I enjoy creating design that speaks to the heart. Design has opened up a world for me, and I can’t wait to see where its thread leads me to.