Hi, I’m Beth.

I love getting hands-on, learning and trying new things, including constantly finding new hobbies, like drawing, painting, rug tufting, 3D printing and working with polymer clay. I try to apply these skills to my designs wherever I can. This has led me to run my own successful Etsy business selling handmade earrings, with over 200 sales, during my university studies. This has also taught me valuable skills in managing a business and delighting customers.

I’m an industrial designer with experience in graphic design, which I have found to be super beneficial for my project outcomes. I love creating meaningful things that bring joy to people, with a particular interest in furniture, which led me to my Capstone project.

I developed the Bask seating range, which is a lightweight, multi-level and stackable seat-and-table configuration made specifically for outdoor events. It can be interacted with in a multitude of ways, which ensures the comfort of patrons, whilst also being easily deployed and maintained by event staff.