Jamal Sakini is a multi-disciplined designer completing an Honours in Industrial Design.

He is working in Experience Design at Downstream Melbourne, completing projects for a range of varied clients. Downstream is a global company with offices in Amsterdam, Portland and Melbourne and has worked for big name clients such as Nike and Essendon Football Club. Jamal comes from an established career in the Medical Device Industry, this technical background has helped him transition into design, bringing a deep understanding of the make up and function of products.

Jamal has always had an interest in design and the function of objects and products. His design style highlights form and simplicity. Throughout his course he has not only developed his Industrial Design skills, but also his Graphic Design skills through a minor in Communication Design. He has an interest in sustainability, circular design and inclusive design and looks for ways to incorporate these principles into his design at university and work.

Jamal’s final year project, SFTR is premised on the idea that the function of the home is changing as more people around the world continue to work from home. The SFTR Room Divider aims to establish flexible zones in the house that create multi functional spaces through soft divisions, while maintaining an awareness of and connection to others in the home. The materials used allow soft light to travel through the divider to support that sense of awareness. The project is also an exploration in using simple, low cost materials and minimal manufacturing processes for the sake of creating a softer environmental footprint.