Hi! My name is Greg and I am an Industrial Designer who is passionate about designing innovative products for people that balances function and form. As a designer, I see it as my role to create beautiful products that complement functionality and enhance the user experience. Designers have a responsibility to make products attractive to the user and entice them to love interacting with it, and that is something I strive to accomplish.

I believe a good designer has a high level of empathy and that is something I am continuously trying to practice as a designer. By empathising with the user I am designing for and understanding more of their different perspectives and challenges, then I have a better understanding of the user’s needs and desires and how to best design to benefit them. User-centred design is a key focus for me, and I love seeing people excited to use the things I have designed.

Design also needs to consider detail and detail is something I have a keen eye for. A self-proclaimed perfectionist for the things I am passionate about, I think details make a huge difference in the perception and effectiveness of products. Details are important for enhancing the user experience and quality of a product. How parts are manufactured to fit together and be taken apart, how products look and feel and how they are used and treated in their environment, are why details matter, which is something I love to give thought to in my designs.

Thankyou for reading and learning a bit more about me and I hope you will get the opportunity one day to experience and love the things I design.