Ned Farrell is an industrial designer who strives to push the boundaries on innovation in many facets of design. With a strong passion towards the back end of the design cycle with a particular interest in CAD, rendering and prototyping.

A wide array of different designs with various outcomes can be seen through his work. He is not one to shy away from a challenge and has taken on projects with varying degrees of expertise. Leaning towards a critical thinking approach trying to work out all the small details in a design is his method.

A strong skill base in CAD designing is one of his assets that help him bring to life his designs. Despite this he displays a thorough across the board level of skill, meaning he can jump in anywhere along the design journey and contribute.

A passion towards fast cars and sport has been a great influence on his designing prowess. Outside of designing he is often working on DIY projects and always will have a go at something no matter the difficulty.