Hi there! I am Sallie, an industrial design student at the Swinburne University of Technology.

I hunger for knowledge, desire to solve problems and always try to push boundaries to achieve nothing but my best. This passion has carried me successfully through the four years of education at Swinburne, with critically analyzed, tacit knowledge and technical skills. From research to ideation sketching, CAD modelling to final prototype and consistent challenges to solve. The skills I have learned offer me an opportunity to work in a furniture company, Trit House, as an intern.

When I am not sketching or designing, I love exploring new things, documenting my journeys and photographing people. I enjoy meeting new friends, listening to different stories and hearing new perspectives.

I have learned so many things in Swinburne and Trit House. It is an extraordinary time, and I am ready to explore more in my journey!