Hi, my name is Richard.

I'm an Industrial Design student at Swinburne University, who is enthusiastic about automotive and transport design. Which lead me to join Team Swinburne. I highly value the work I have achieved in design at Team Swinburne. Joining Team Swinburne also creates opportunities to have insight into other formula student race teams' progress and team function. Through the testing and driving of TS_19 Team Swinburne's 2019 race car, issues of comfort and ergonomics came to my attention, which prompted me to design and manufacture a steering wheel that addressed these issues.

The FS250 is the fruit of extensive research with iterative prototypes along the way. The research involved all categories of motorsport racing, from go-karts to Formula 1, the market demand, and the importance of human factors in motorsport design. The FS250 has interchangeable handles, customisable to the driver's preference. The FS250 can also be disassembled for maintenance and interchanging of internal hardware. FS250 is made from Amplitex (Flax) composite material together with bio-resin, the FS250 is sustainable and more versatile as a long-term project. Once the FS250 is at the end of its racing cycle, the Amplitex composite components can be broken down to be used in another composite product.

FS250 features silicone handles that come in three different grades of tactile feedback (soft, medium and hard), all the various buttons and tactile components are laid out along the driver's thumb radius to maximise the ease of usability of the FS250.